Features of Money Lending Management System

Multiple Company

Data are seperated by each company and every user only allow to access their own company data

Some of the management user are able to set in multiple access to company data.

Management reports are able to consolidated by multiple company.

Online Applications

You have the option to configure the system in Online, LAN connection or standalone usage. The option is depent on your business operations needed.

User able to access to the system or get reports instantly through Internet connections.

Database Backup

User have no worry on the data that have been saved in database, This server configured on automation daily backup process.

The stabilities of Server performance would make your data storage in safe at all times.

System Specialist

All company data to centerlize in the server database and user allow to configure to access more than one company data

Allow to control user access authority and user can be restricted to access certain function and all user password are encrypted

Customer profiles and loan transation are share among your company groups, you will able to know the same customer having two or more loan transactions and the customer can be blacklisted

Database are store at your own server and host at any of your preference localhost